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Vintage 1911 British Threepence Coin Necklace in Sterling Silver | Roberts & Co - Classic Sophistication

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1911 British Threepence Coin Necklace: Vintage Sophistication and a Timeless Piece of History

Introducing the Vintage 1911 British Threepence Coin Necklace by Roberts & Co, a striking piece that combines historical allure with everlasting style. This exceptional coin necklace is an ideal addition to any jewellery collection, capturing the spirit of "Old Money" elegance.

The 1911 British threepence coin necklace showcases an authentic sterling silver coin, chosen with care for its historical importance and well-preserved details. The necklace is designed with a resilient sterling silver chain, ensuring both durability and a comfortable fit.

As an integral part of the renowned Roberts & Co collection, this splendid necklace pays homage to the rich heritage of British coinage, highlighting the splendour of a past era. This piece acts as a tangible link to history, allowing you to keep a piece of the past close to your heart.

Adorn yourself with this vintage coin necklace to uplift your daily style or impart an air of refinement to special events. With its illustrious history and graceful design, the 1911 British threepence coin necklace serves as a thoughtful gift for the discerning jewellery enthusiast.

Experience the charm of the Vintage 1911 British Threepence Coin Necklace and immerse yourself in the classic sophistication of the Roberts & Co collection. Purchase yours today and let the captivating allure of this historical treasure enchant your spirit.

Dimensions: Coin: 16mm diameter, 0.9mm thickness

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