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Victorian 1876 Sterling Silver Three Pence Coin Pendant & Necklace | Roberts & Co

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1876 Victorian Sterling Silver Three Pence Coin Pendant & Necklace

Dive into the fascinating world of historic currency with our sterling silver coin pendant and necklace, featuring an authentic Victorian British three pence coin from 1876. Minted at the Royal Mint in London, this unique piece of jewellery not only highlights your refined taste but also serves as a conversation starter.

Historic Significance and Craftsmanship

These Victorian-era coins were used as currency in England, reflecting the rich heritage of the time. Our skilled artisans at Roberts & Co have meticulously transformed the original 1876 three pence coin into an elegant pendant, preserving its historical essence while elevating its aesthetic appeal.

Unique Collector's Item

Each coin pendant and necklace features a different set of inclusions and marks, owing to their history as currency collector coins. The images provided are for reference only, showcasing the grade of the coin you will receive. Embrace the uniqueness of your pendant, knowing that no two pieces are alike.

Quality Sterling Silver

The pendant and necklace are crafted from high-quality sterling silver, ensuring durability and a timeless charm. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence make this piece a cherished addition to your collection.

Gift a Piece of History

Our 1876 Victorian sterling silver three pence coin pendant and necklace make for a thoughtful and sophisticated gift, suitable for any history enthusiast or jewellery aficionado.

Experience the allure of the past and indulge in a piece of history with our exquisite 1876 Victorian British three pence coin pendant and necklace.

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