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Vintage 1906 British Three Pence Gold Vermeil Necklace | Timeless Elegance | Roberts & Co

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£94.00 - £94.00
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Introducing our exquisite 18ct gold vermeil coin pendant necklace, featuring a genuine vintage 1906 British three pence coin. This exceptional piece combines the rich history of antique British currency with the luxurious touch of modern craftsmanship. The term "vermeil" refers to a high-quality plating process where a thick layer of 18ct gold is applied over a solid sterling silver base. This technique ensures a long-lasting and durable finish that showcases the beauty of gold without compromising the value of the silver coin.

Our skilled artisans have carefully preserved the coin's intricate design, celebrating its historical significance while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The 1906 three pence coin showcases King Edward VII's portrait on one side and the iconic Britannia on the reverse. Each pendant is suspended from a matching 18ct gold vermeil chain, creating a harmonious balance between old and new.

This stunning necklace makes a unique statement piece, perfect for any lover of vintage or antique jewellery. It's also an ideal gift for history enthusiasts or those who appreciate British heritage. Wear this captivating piece to add a touch of elegance and intrigue to your outfit, or pair it with other gold vermeil or sterling silver accessories for a cohesive look.

Discover the rich history and exquisite craftsmanship of our 18ct gold vermeil 1906 British three pence coin necklace, and let it transport you back to a time of elegance and opulence. Order yours today and experience the enchanting allure of this timeless treasure.

UGC 5063175006272