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3mm Thick 30mm Solid Sterling Silver Hoops - Supreme Saga | Roberts & Co

Prix d'origine £110.00 - Prix d'origine £110.00
Prix d'origine
£110.00 - £110.00
Prix actuel £110.00

Unveiling the 'Supreme Saga' - a majestic collection from Roberts & Co. These 30mm diameter hoop earrings, crafted from solid 3mm sterling silver, are a tribute to the grand tales of yore. Their 'Regal Robust' design exemplifies bold luxury, ideal for those who desire their accessories to make a statement of strength and elegance.

The substantial width of these earrings, combined with a unique 3/4 hoop design and a comfortable post and scroll/butterfly back fitting, makes them a standout piece in any jewelry collection. Embrace the power and beauty of the 'Supreme Saga' hoops, a symbol of enduring style and luxury.

UGC 5063175017469