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1890 British Three Pence Sterling Silver Coin Necklace | Vintage History Piece | Roberts & Co

Prix d'origine £110.00 - Prix d'origine £110.00
Prix d'origine
£110.00 - £110.00
Prix actuel £110.00

Dive into the past with this exquisite 1890 British Three Pence sterling silver coin necklace, crafted by Roberts & Co. This vintage pendant showcases an authentic three pence coin from the Royal Mint in London, which was used as currency in England back in 1890. A perfect blend of history and style, this pendant is an ideal addition to any jewellery collection.

Each necklace features a genuine, vintage British three pence coin set in sterling silver. The coin pendant is suspended from a sterling silver chain, available in various lengths to suit your preference. Please note that the images shown are for reference only, as each coin is unique and may have different marks and inclusions due to their historical nature. These variations only add to the charm and character of each piece, making it a truly special accessory.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a coin collector, or simply someone who appreciates elegant and timeless jewelry, this 1890 British Three Pence sterling silver coin necklace is the perfect choice. Wear it alone for a classic look or layer it with other necklaces for a more contemporary style.

Order your 1890 British Three Pence sterling silver coin necklace from Roberts & Co today and own a wearable piece of history that tells a captivating story of a bygone era.

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