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Antique 1918 Coin Necklace - Authentic Sterling Silver Vintage Pendant | Roberts & Co

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Discover the captivating Antique 1918 Coin Necklace, showcasing a genuine sterling silver vintage pendant from the historic Royal Mint in London. This exceptional relic originates from the time when the Royal Mint graced Tower Hill, facing the iconic Tower of London. Though the Royal Mint has since moved, the enchantment of Royal Mint Court remains ever-present.

Our sterling silver Antique 1918 Coin Necklace features a genuine, A-grade coin that served as legal tender in England until the 1930s. With each coin possessing its own individual charm, including subtle signs of use, these authentic pieces offer a distinctive allure that modern replicas simply cannot replicate. Expertly restored and crafted into a beautiful pendant, this Vintage Coin Necklace is available with your choice of necklace length, making it the ideal accessory.

Adorned with a striking image of King George V on one side and an elegant, crowned number 3 on the reverse, you can decide which side of the coin to display. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of this extraordinary coin and wear it as a unique and stylish necklace.

Dimensions: Coin: 16mm x 0.9mm