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1918 Gold-Plated Vintage Coin Necklace - Authentic Antique Pendant | Roberts & Co

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Step into a world where history and luxury converge with Roberts & Co's 1918 Gold-Plated Vintage Coin Necklace. This exquisite piece features an authentic sterling silver coin from 1918, now lavishly coated in 18ct gold, offering a rich, luxurious finish. Meticulously selected for its historical significance, each coin hails from an era of profound heritage, embodying the spirit of early 20th-century England.

Our artisans have preserved the original allure of these coins, ensuring that while they now gleam with a gold finish, the echoes of their past remain untouched. Every coin, once a circulating currency, now serves as a centerpiece for a necklace that bridges the gap between antique charm and contemporary elegance.

The obverse showcases the dignified profile of King George V, a hallmark of the period, while the reverse features the classic design that marked the coinage of the time. With the choice of showcasing either side, you have the freedom to wear a piece of history in a style that resonates with your personal aesthetic.

Roberts & Co invites you to adorn yourself with more than just a necklace; it's a piece of time, transformed into a luxurious accessory that speaks volumes of the past while fitting seamlessly into the fashion of today. Choose your preferred necklace length and embrace the unique blend of history and opulence that only our 1918 Gold-Plated Vintage Coin Necklace can provide.

Dimensions: Coin: 16mm x 0.9mm

Embrace the legacy, wear the elegance. Discover the full collection at Roberts & Co.

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