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Biography - The Man behind the Brand Roberts & Co

Biography of the man behind the brand Roberts & Co. Founded in 2007 by Mr Barry Roberts DGA. Roberts & Co is now establishing itself as a truly global Luxury brand. Manufacturing Ladies Jewellery & Gentleman’s accessories in London. The Roberts & Co signature style is attracting fans around the world.

Jewellery, watch & silversmiths trade

Introduced to the Jewellery, watch & silversmiths trade by chance rather than choice after leaving school when he landed his first full time job working for at the time one of the industry’s largest bullion, tools, materials and equipment suppliers.

The company also ran private training courses teaching jewellers both cutting edge & traditional jewellery manufacturing & repair which all staff also attended to gain product knowledge. There was also extensive external training he learnt clock & watch repair at the British Horological institute, gemmology and diamond grading at the gemmological institute as well as the sales and management training necessary in a modern business.


The sole purpose of his extensive private education was to provide insight and product knowledge in an extraordinary niche market in order to sell materials and equipment to clients which included the largest global brands in the world right through to the hobbyist at home and every jewellery retailer & manufacturer in between.

But he also learnt he loved the creative process of designing and producing precious metal jewellery. So after a decade spent visiting jewellery stores & workshops as a trade supplier. And a number of years moonlighting producing ready to wear woman’s jewellery for other brands and private bespoke commissions he launched his own brand. Starting with a Gentleman's accessories collection.

Why menswear? Years in sales meant smart suits and frustrated by the selection of precious metal accessories available he had made his own. Designs which friends & colleagues in the jewellery industry liked and ordered replicas. The first Roberts & Co “collection” was essentially designed & made for Mr Roberts and the only marketing was him wearing it to work.

Financial Crisis

The timing could not have been worse. Within weeks of launching the credit crunch began and the worst global financial crisis and recession in living memory unfolded. It was a tough time to be launching a luxury goods business. Manufacturing in precious metals when shops were popping up on every high street to buy precious metals. Prices had rocketed to such record highs retailers were able to scrap old stock for pieces retail prices.

But as Winston Churchill said “never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense”. Someone once told him that you cannot be the most naturally gifted at what ever it is you choose to do but you can always be the hardest working. And what distinguishes the merely talented from the truly great is hard work. Hard work persevered, long days, late nights and no holidays. The business survived and continued to grow through the credit crunch.

From the original and still bestselling cuff link designs to the next brand new Ladies collection. Roberts & Co continues to create timeless & stylish pieces to both retain loyal fans and gain new ones.

Roberts & Co has seen a variety of exciting projects completed with more to come.

Roberts & Co jewellery is available internationally online where you can also find information about possible partnerships with stockists and Galleries.

As the business continues to grow so will this biography...