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1900 Victorian Threepence Coin Necklace - Sterling Silver | Roberts & Co

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1900 Victorian Threepence Coin Necklace: A Glimpse into the Victorian Era by Roberts & Co

Introducing the 1900 Victorian Threepence Coin Necklace, a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that embodies the grace and sophistication of the Victorian era. This stunning necklace showcases an authentic 1900 British sterling silver threepence coin, carefully chosen for its historical significance and intricate design.

The 1900 Victorian threepence coin is a tangible connection to the past, featuring a detailed portrait of Queen Victoria and the coin's denomination on the reverse side. Suspended on a matching sterling silver chain, this exquisite necklace exudes elegance and pays tribute to the storied heritage of British coinage.


  • Genuine 1900 British sterling silver threepence coin
  • Queen Victoria portrait and denomination design
  • Sterling silver chain
  • Coin dimensions: 16mm diameter

Wear this 1900 Victorian Threepence Coin Necklace to elevate your everyday style or add a touch of refinement to special occasions. It also makes a thoughtful gift for history enthusiasts or lovers of antique jewellery. Embrace the beauty of the past and carry a piece of Victorian history with you, by adding this unique coin necklace to your collection today.

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