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Roberts & Co's First Live Stream: Jewelry Making & Whisky Tasting - A Unique Experience

Roberts & Co's First Live Stream: Jewelry Making & Whisky Tasting - A Unique Experience

Roberts & Co's First Live Stream on YouTube

On 11th August 2023, at 5 pm, Roberts & Co went live on YouTube for the very first time. This momentous occasion was not just about testing live capabilities; it was an invitation to engage with the audience, showing the real-time process of jewelry making.

But this wasn't just any ordinary live event. Alongside the expert craftsmanship, there was a casual conversation filled with personal touches, including the tasting of Jura single malt whisky. Diving in to the experience and a unique blend of artistry and relaxed dialogue, reflecting the very spirit of Roberts & Co.

The Live Experience: Setting the Stage

The live stream was set up in the vibrant and bustling area of South East London. With windows open to welcome the summer breeze, the atmosphere was filled with the unique background sounds of the city — double-decker buses, sirens, and the lively buzz of Friday night partying. This contributed to a lively and authentic ambiance, bringing viewers right into the heart of the Roberts & Co workshop.

Roberts & CO's First Live Stream Handcrafting Silver Rings From Start to Finish

Adding to the casual atmosphere, the brand’s desire for the right partnership was humorously expressed. They didn’t shy away from sharing their longing for brand deals, particularly with whisky brands. "We need whisky," they playfully announced, savoring a smooth Jura single malt Scotch, matured in American white oak bourbon casks. The lighthearted approach to brand collaborations added a touch of charm and personality, making the live experience all the more memorable.

The Whisky Opening

One of the highlights of the live stream was the uncorking of a bottle of Jura single malt Scotch whisky. With a sense of ceremony, the bottle was opened to kick off the evening's activities. This was no ordinary whisky but a special Bourbon cask blend, boasting rich and inviting flavors of vanilla, toffee, and apricots. Matured in American white oak bourbon casks, its smooth taste was savored and enjoyed.

Pouring Jura single malt whisky into a glass for tasting.

The tasting of the whisky served as a symbol of the relaxed and convivial atmosphere that Roberts & Co aimed to create. It was a moment of casual indulgence, a way to connect with viewers as friends rather than mere spectators. The warmth of the whisky, the rich flavors, and the simple joy of sharing a drink together — even virtually — set the tone for an evening of craftsmanship, conversation, and community.

Tasting Jura single malt whisky during Roberts & Co's live stream.

Jewelry Making Process

The live stream provided a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into the meticulous process of creating rings and T-Bar pendants. The craftsmanship demonstrated was nothing short of extraordinary, and viewers had the chance to witness every step of the way.

Shaping rings with precision pliers at our jewellers bench.

Making Rings

Using specialized tools and materials, the process of ring making began with cutting, shaping, and soldering silver. Techniques were explained, and the audience could see how each ring took form. Whether it was using the Wheatsheaf ring stick for sizing or soldering small batches of rings, the detailed work was an education in patience, precision, and passion.

Carefully soldering rings together under a focused light.

Creating T-Bar Pendants

The creation of T-Bar pendants followed a similarly intricate process. From cutting the silver to shaping and joining the pieces, the hands-on demonstration offered a rare insight into the artistry and skill involved. Any challenges faced were met with professional expertise, turning obstacles into opportunities for learning and growth.

Close-up inspection of intricately designed T-bar pendants.

Throughout the live stream, there were key moments and interactions that stood out, reflecting the brand's personality and dedication to their craft. Whether sharing a tip, overcoming a challenge, or simply enjoying the process, the event was more than a display of skills; it was a celebration of the joy of creativity.

Soldering process of T-bar pendants showcasing craftsmanship.

Engaging with the Audience

While the live stream allowed for a closer connection between Roberts & Co and the audience, certain limitations affected real-time interaction. Filming on a single device without assistance meant that reading comments live was not an option. However, this didn't dampen the enthusiasm or the connection felt between the viewers and the brand.

Savouring the flavour of Jura single malt whisky during the event.

Even though immediate engagement was limited, the audience's presence was still felt and appreciated. Comments and interactions that came in later or after the stream were acknowledged, adding to the sense of community and shared passion for the craft. Whether it was praise for the quality of the work, inquiries about techniques, or simple words of encouragement, the interaction, though delayed, was a valuable aspect of the live event.

Roberts & Co team engrossed in their craft at the jewellers bench.

The live stream was not just a presentation but a conversation, a shared experience that went beyond mere viewership. Despite the challenges, it paved the way for a new kind of engagement, one that transcends traditional barriers and fosters a more authentic and personal connection.

A Successful Beginning

Roberts & Co's first live stream marked a significant milestone, ushering in a new era of real-time connection with the audience. The blending of craftsmanship, casual conversation, and the enjoyment of Jura single malt whisky created an atmosphere that was both engaging and enlightening. The success of this event was not only in the beautiful pieces created but also in the shared experience, the sense of community that was fostered, and the authentic interaction that transcended the screen.

Showcase of finished rings and T-bar pendants made during the live stream.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the viewers who joined us on this journey. Your presence, comments, and enthusiasm made this live stream a truly special event. The joy of sharing our craft live, the unscripted moments, the genuine connection – these are the things that make us eager to explore more live engagements in the future.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects, videos, and possibly more live streams. Your thoughts and feedback are essential to us, and we invite you to subscribe, like, comment, and share your insights on this live stream experience. Join the Roberts & Co community, be a part of the conversation, and let's continue to celebrate the art of jewelry making together.

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