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The Timeless Charm of Coin Necklaces: A Master Craft Revived by Roberts & Co

The Timeless Charm of Coin Necklaces: A Master Craft Revived by Roberts & Co

Journey Back in Time with Antique English Coins

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I am jeweller Barry Roberts. It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to the heart of London, where tradition meets craftsmanship at Roberts & Co. Today, I am going to unravel the artistry behind one of our signature creations: the lucky coin necklace made from antique English coins forged in solid silver.

Let me first immerse you in the fascinating history of the coins we choose to transform into these special necklaces.

England's Rich Numismatic Heritage

Coins have been an integral part of England's history, dating back to the second century BC. The coins we utilise for our necklaces hail from the legendary Royal Mint, an establishment that has witnessed over a thousand years of coinage history since 886. Once housed within the formidable Tower of London, the Royal Mint relocated to its own precinct between 1809 and 1812. Although the mint shifted its operations to Wales in the 1960s, the coins we choose bear the mark of its original locations, carrying within them the essence of an era gone by.

Why do we specifically select pre-1920 coins? It's because up until that year, all silver-coloured coins were composed of solid, sterling silver, making them perfect candidates to be turned into wearable pieces of jewellery through traditional jewellery-making techniques.

Reviving a Centuries-Old Tradition

Wearing coins as jewellery isn't a new trend. In fact, it's a tradition that has spanned centuries. People across different cultures have kept coins as lucky charms, believing in the fortune they bring. Although the modern wearer might not be swayed by superstitions, the vintage allure of these coin necklaces is undeniable. Moreover, what sets our creations apart is the authenticity of these antique coins, each a relic of England's rich numismatic history.

A Peek into the Artistry at the Bench

Now, let's get down to the real magic that happens at the jewellery bench where these coins undergo a metamorphosis to become pieces of jewellery that carry both history and style.

Equipped with solid silver antique three pence pieces, or as they were known, "Thrup-anns" or "Thrup-nee bits," I embark on the mission to craft three distinct necklaces. Each piece is crafted meticulously, with the addition of a sterling silver jump ring, which transforms these coins into pendants ready to adorn your neck.

But this process isn't as simple as it seems. It involves achieving the perfect temperature balance between the coin and the jump ring, a skill honed through experience and precision. Special flux blended with methylated spirits aids in protecting the antique silver during this process, with a micro soldering torch allowing for pinpoint accuracy.

The Final Flourish

Once soldered with finesse, each pendant is coupled with a sterling silver jump ring and a bail, followed by a meticulous cleaning, polishing, and finally, gold plating for those destined to bear a golden hue. Whether bathed in 22-karat yellow gold or adorned in an 18-karat rose gold sheen, these necklaces emerge as contemporary masterpieces with a touch of vintage elegance.

To witness the culmination of this historical and artistic journey, you can explore our collection online, where you will find a variety of pieces, each echoing a different year and story.

I hope you enjoyed this journey through time and craftsmanship. Stay tuned for more such glimpses into the world of fine jewellery at Roberts & Co.

Until next time, Toodles!

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