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Antique 1912 British Three Pence Coin Necklace | Sterling Silver | Roberts & Co

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Antique 1912 Coin Necklace: Sterling Silver Vintage Pendant Featuring an Authentic British Three Pence Piece

Introducing the Antique 1912 Coin Necklace, a sterling silver vintage pendant by Roberts & Co that pays homage to the rich history of the British three pence piece. This unique necklace showcases an authentic 1912 coin, allowing you to carry a tangible piece of the past with you wherever you go.

The 1912 British three pence coin features the striking portrait of King George V on one side, and a classic heraldic design on the reverse. Each genuine coin in our collection has experienced the passage of time, revealing its own captivating story and distinct patina.


  • Authentic 1912 British three pence coin
  • Sterling silver mount and chain, available in various lengths
  • Two-sided coin design with King George V's portrait and heraldic motif
  • Dimensions: Coin: 16mm x 1mm

Embrace the Elegance of History with the Antique 1912 Coin Necklace

The Antique 1912 Coin Necklace is the perfect accessory for those who appreciate the beauty and history of vintage coins. The genuine 1912 British three pence piece, set in a sterling silver mount, creates a stunning pendant that adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. Customize your necklace with your preferred chain length, and let this timeless piece serve as a reminder of the elegance and charm of the past.

Experience the allure of the Antique 1912 Coin Necklace, and let the elegance of history inspire your personal style.

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