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1898 Vintage Enigma Necklace | Antique Threepence Coin | Roberts & Co Old Money Collection

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1898 Vintage Enigma Necklace: Unveil the Allure of the Past with an Antique British Threepence Coin

Introducing the 1898 Vintage Enigma Necklace, a rare treasure from the Roberts & Co Old Money Collection that captures the charm and mystery of the past. This unique piece is crafted using an antique British threepence coin from 1898, providing a glimpse into the rich heritage and sophistication of the Victorian era.

As part of our Time-Worn Treasure Collection, the Vintage Enigma Necklace showcases a coin with visible details that evoke a sense of curiosity and wonder. The genuine 1898 threepence coin features Queen Victoria's iconic portrait on one side and a crowned numeral 3 on the other, symbolizing the wealth and power of a bygone era.


  • Authentic 1898 antique British threepence coin
  • Delicately crafted sterling silver chain, available in multiple lengths
  • Two-sided coin design with Queen Victoria's portrait and a crowned numeral 3
  • Dimensions: Coin: 16mm x 0.9mm

Experience the Enchantment of the Victorian Era with the 1898 Vintage Enigma Necklace

Embrace the elegance and mystique of the past by adorning yourself with the 1898 Vintage Enigma Necklace. This extraordinary piece offers a unique opportunity to wear a piece of history, connecting you to the refined beauty of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The Vintage Enigma Necklace is a sophisticated accessory, perfect for those who appreciate the "old money" aesthetic and desire to incorporate it into their own style.

Explore the Roberts & Co Old Money Collection today, and let the enchanting story of the 1898 Vintage Enigma Necklace transport you to a time of unrivaled elegance.

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