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Antique 1919 Coin Necklace - 18ct Red Rose Gold Plated Pendant

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Authentic 1919 Coin Necklace: A Stunning Piece of History

Embrace the elegance of the past with our exquisite Vintage Coin Necklace, showcasing a genuine antique 1919 coin made by the Royal Mint in London. The pendant and necklace are meticulously crafted from solid sterling silver and plated with 18ct Red Rose Gold for a luxurious finish.

The Royal Mint: A Legacy of Fine Craftsmanship

Founded over a millennium ago, the Royal Mint was once situated opposite the Tower of London on Tower Hill. Although it has since relocated, the historical site of Royal Mint Court remains. This authentic antique coin served as legal tender in England until the 1930s. Each of our carefully selected A-grade coins bears subtle signs of its unique past, giving them a distinct character that modern reproductions cannot replicate.


  • Genuine 1919 antique coin from the Royal Mint
  • 18ct Red Rose Gold plated solid sterling silver
  • Two-sided design featuring King George V and a crowned number 3
  • Dimensions: Coin: 16mm x 0.9mm
  • Choice of necklace lengths available

Adorn Yourself with a Piece of History: The Vintage Coin Necklace

Our Vintage Coin Necklace offers a rare blend of historical charm and contemporary style. The rich tones of 18ct Red Rose Gold and the genuine 1919 coin make this pendant a statement piece that will enhance any outfit. Select the perfect necklace length to complete your unique look.

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