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20mm Solid Sterling Silver Hoops - Bold Heritage 1.5mm Slim Elegance | Roberts & Co

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Introducing the 'Bold Heritage' collection by Roberts & Co, where we redefine the classic hoop earring. Our 20mm diameter hoops are not your ordinary earrings; they are expertly crafted from solid 1.5mm sterling silver, unlike the typical hollow designs found elsewhere. This solid construction not only enhances their durability but also adds a distinct weight and feel, embodying luxury and quality.

Our 'Slim Elegance' design in these solid hoops exudes a delicate sophistication, perfect for those who seek an understated yet distinguished look. Drawing inspiration from the boldness of ancient warriors and the allure of modern icons, these earrings symbolize strength and elegance. The fine 1.5mm thickness makes them an ideal choice for a refined, stylish presence.

Whether you're dressing for a sophisticated event or complementing your everyday attire, the 'Bold Heritage' 20mm solid sterling silver hoops from Roberts & Co offer a unique blend of traditional elegance and contemporary flair. Make a statement with your jewelry, and feel the difference that solid sterling silver brings to your style.

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