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Victorian 18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver Three Pence Coin Pendant & Necklace | Roberts & Co

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Victorian 18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver Three Pence Coin Pendant & Necklace

Embrace the timeless sophistication of the Victorian era with the 18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver Coin Pendant and Necklace, featuring an authentic British three pence coin minted at the Royal Mint in London in 1887. This exquisite piece pays homage to the rich heritage and unparalleled craftsmanship of the period, bringing a touch of "Old Money" charm and elegance to any ensemble.

Historical Significance and Storytelling

Originally used as currency in England, this Victorian three pence coin bears witness to the storied past of a bygone era. Each coin has its unique inclusions and marks, telling a tale of its journey through time, and adding to the exclusivity of your pendant. As a collector's item, this exquisite piece of jewelry not only serves as a fashion statement but also as a testament to the cultural significance of the Victorian period.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Design

Our skilled artisans have meticulously transformed these historical coins into stunning 18ct gold plated sterling silver pendants, preserving the original design while elevating their aesthetic appeal. The coin is showcased on an elegant matching necklace, ensuring that your piece is both captivating and versatile.

  • Material: 18ct gold plated sterling silver
  • Coin: Authentic Victorian British three pence coin, dated 1887
  • Necklace Length: Adjustable to suit your style
  • Uniqueness: Each coin features distinctive inclusions and marks, making your piece one-of-a-kind

Inspired by "Old Money" Aesthetics

This Victorian coin pendant and necklace serves as a luxurious addition to any outfit, appealing to both established "Old Money" families and those seeking to incorporate this refined aesthetic into their lives. By wearing this exclusive piece, you become a part of the rich historical narrative and enduring elegance embodied by the Victorian era.

Please note: The images shown are for reference only, as each coin is a collector's item and features unique inclusions and marks. Your pendant will be hand-selected for its quality and character.

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