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1mm Sterling Silver Skinny Square band Stacking Ring


1mm Solid 925 Sterling Silver Skinny Square Band Stacking Ring Polished Finish

Beautiful super slim band ring. Each ring is carefully hand crafted in Roberts & Co London workshops. These rings are too slim to be marked however we make each ring here in the UK. So we can Guarantee each ring is Solid 925 Sterling Silver. These rings look great as a single ring or stacked together with other rings.

+ Band width: 1mm

+ Polished finish

+ Packaged in a lovely gift bag

Stacking rings is a fun and stylish way to mix and match colours and styles to create jewellery totally unique.

How do you wear stacking rings?

There's no "right" or "wrong" way to wear stacking rings. Wear as a single ring or create a stack. How many rings you wear, and which finger you wear them on is a personal style choice.

Rings will look great as a single stylish ring. Or you can wear multiple matching rings together. Stack different widths together or Pair a skinny band with a thicker and chunky ring. If your rings feature stones simply stagger them so the gems don't line up and they will stack together.

Mixing colours is also a wonderful way to make a statement.

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