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1908 British Three Pence Gold Plated Coin Necklace | Vintage Elegance | Roberts & Co

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Discover the allure of our 18ct gold plated coin pendant necklace, showcasing a vintage British three pence coin originally minted at the Royal Mint in 1908 and used as currency in England. This exquisite piece combines history and elegance, presenting an intricate design from a fascinating era with a luxurious modern touch.

The 1908 three pence coin features the detailed portrait of King Edward VII on the obverse and the renowned Britannia on the reverse. Our skilled craftsmen have carefully preserved these designs and plated the coin with a layer of 18ct gold, providing an eye-catching aesthetic and a lasting finish. The pendant is paired with a matching gold plated chain, seamlessly blending antique charm with contemporary style.

This vintage British three pence coin necklace is a distinctive accessory for those who value history, antique jewelry, or British heritage. It serves as an exceptional gift for coin collectors and history buffs alike. Wear this striking necklace to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit or combine it with other gold plated pieces for a harmonious appearance.

Step into the world of refinement and opulence with our 18ct gold plated 1908 British three pence coin necklace. Don't miss the opportunity to add this stunning piece to your collection.

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