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1886 Gold Plated Victorian Three Pence Coin Pendant - Sterling Silver Necklace | Roberts & Co

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1886 Victorian Three Pence Coin Pendant - 18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver Necklace by Roberts & Co

Embrace the fusion of history and elegance with our 18ct gold plated sterling silver coin pendant and necklace, featuring a genuine Victorian British three pence coin from 1886. This extraordinary piece is perfect for vintage coin enthusiasts and those seeking a distinctive accessory to elevate their style.

Authentic Coin from the Victorian Era

Our skilled artisans have carefully selected and transformed an authentic 1886 Victorian British three pence coin into a remarkable pendant. Originally minted at the Royal Mint in London, this coin circulated as currency in England during the 19th century. Each coin carries its own individual marks and inclusions, ensuring your necklace is a unique historical treasure.

Superior Craftsmanship

The coin is expertly plated with 18ct gold and set in a sterling silver pendant frame. The pendant is suspended from a matching gold-plated sterling silver chain, offering an elegant appearance and long-lasting durability.

Reference Images

Please note that the images displayed are for reference concerning the coin's grade. As these coins were previously used as currency, each piece will exhibit distinct inclusions and marks. Be assured, your pendant will be an authentic and captivating reflection of the Victorian era.

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